Thursday, April 28, 2005

First attempt

got my blog up and running... I'm so happy and proud of myself. Hopefully I wont mess it up now. Still don't know how to place a photo for my profile but at least my beautiful babies are shown.
the solid white is Simone and she's crazy about shoes and the smells that they emit. Also ben-gay makes her nutty. She'll lick at the vapors till she's foaming at the mouth.
the nutty cat with the dark tail and the splotch on his head is called Riddler. I kept changing names on him and it became difficult to take him into the vet because they would request his name and it was constantly new.( I learned just to refer to him as "Johnny" for his office visits) But now he is named Riddler because he is such a mystery. his little boy parts are dark and when ever he's intrigued with something, he carries his tale in the shape of a question mark. so the name Riddler is fitting.


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